About Ivan

My dream is of a healthy (and happy!) environment for people and the planet. My mission is to help other sustainable entrepreneurs and organizations achieve that dream. My focus is helping ecopreneurs and non-profits with web technology.

Born to US citizens in Madrid, raised in New York, London and Boston. I moved west to Boulder, Colorado soon after graduating with a B.A. in Environmental Geography at Colgate. I received my MBA from the Leeds School of Business there. I experienced life at angel and VC funded start-ups in Boulder, including software business practice leader Rational Software. I started SustainableMarketing.com which was the first green marketing blog. After ten years in Boulder, I moved to San Francisco. I founded SustainableWebsites.com which is one of the first green web hosting companies, and my current company. I had a brief stay in London again in 2008, back to SF, and then in 2010 to Seattle where I have settled down (for now, the kid is helping with that!)

I have been programming since 3rd grade, and continue to code to this day. That’s over 20 years of professional experience since I graduated from high school and entered the workforce. My current preferred web site platform is Ruby on Rails, and I also work with WordPress. I use an Agile development methodology, utilizing practices like Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD).

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Contact Info:

Ivan is usually in Seattle, Washington USA.

Sustainable Websites main office: 1-888-755-8436 x1
ivan (at) sustainablewebsites (dot) com

Ivan’s sustainable and green marketing blog is also available. Here is Ivan Storck’s hCard with more contact info, and YouTube page with a video of him talking about green entrepreneurship.

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